Sunday, February 1, 2015

Turning it around...

It was an interesting training weekend to say the least.  Nate was away all weekend so it was just me and the kids with a busy weekend which meant I had one night to fit in my long runs.  I had arranged for the kids to stay with my parents Friday night so I could run through the night and pick them up first thing in the morning.

What I did not realize is that Friday night temperatures were to be between -15 and -25 from high winds.  I started off around 8/ 8:30 and all was fine.  Around 10 PM I started having trouble... the wind was so bad that at times I was practically running in place and it was beyond cold.  I had 3 top layers, two bottom layers, a hat, earband and a Tyvek suit over all of it.  At points the wind was so bad I was getting (what I'm assuming) was seasick or something and was just dry heaving in the middle of the road.  At about 1:30 I said enough was enough and decided to head to my 24 hr. gym to finish out the night.  When I removed the Tyvek suit my body was covered in ice and snow.  Stopped at Dunkin Donuts grabbed a large coffee with espresso and headed to the gym (still shivering 30 minutes later).  When I got to my gym, much to my frustration, I learned that it is only open 24 hrs M-Thursday... so there went my gym run.  Not one to just bail on a run, I checked the weather and that is when I learned about what the temps actually were outside.

Needless to say, I spent about 45 minutes in a hot bath thawing out and all jacked up on espresso fell asleep around 4:30 to wake up at 6:00.  I was not happy about any of this.  I forgot to mention that despite being out there for 5 hours I only actually went 20 miles....the wind and cold was that bad... it was practically the speed of a power walk.

So I posted on the OutRun 38 (a kick butt group of runners) facebook page that I was bummed about the failed run and they were basically like: get back out there and finish the miles.  This reminded me that just because I had it set in my head to do it all that night didn't me that I couldn't adjust the plan for the circumstances (adapting like that is not my strong suit).  When I bailed on the run and the gym was close, I felt like the whole weekend was just shot.  After the advice from the "OutRunners" - I got in a much better mindset and remembered why I'm doing this training in the first place.  I spend the morning treking in the snow with the kids and then luckily enough my husband got home in time for me to get out there and finish my miles.  Best part... it was a balmy 27 degrees, a whole 40 degrees warmer than when I ran on Friday night and a great run.

What was initially a crappy training weekend ended up being pretty good training after all.  That being said... still need to do that 50 mile training run :)

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