About Cindy's Memorial Playground

On April 23 (which happens to be my birthday), 2007, our oldest sibling, Cindy died suddenly and tragically of a ruptured brain aneurysm at 33. Cindy was literally the last person on earth you would think would die young. She was the healthiest person I (and probably everyone else) knew. She was an accomplished personal trainer, motivator, health expert. She was engaging, beautiful, kind and smart. Her expertise was sought after by celebrities, magazines, television... you name it. She also happened to be training for her first full Iron Man and would suffer the ruptured aneurysm in the morning on a training ride.

A foundation, The Cindy Lynn Sherwin Memorial Foundation, was established in Cindy's name, to celebrate her life and mission of helping people, promoting wellness and health. The moment Cindy passed away, something amazing happened. Many of her family and friends and even those who only knew her story by name began to make life changes in her memory.

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